Maintenance Request
All maintenance requests should be made in writing.

Except for emergencies, all maintenance requests should be made in writing. We prefer that you use this link and complete the maintenance request form with as much detail as possible. Please include a picture if you have difficulty explaining your issue. You may also email us your service request to our maintenance email address:

Examples of Maintenance Emergencies

If you experience one of the following, just call the office phone number and follow the prompts for emergency maintenance assistance. Your message will be delivered to our On-Call team member

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Any major electrical problem or power outage. Please check your breaker box to see if something has tripped.

No power to your refrigerator.

Any water leaks that cannot be contained in a bucket until the next business morning or any water leak that may be causing structural damage.

Any major sewer back-ups or non-working toilet in a home having only one bathroom. Tenants with multiple bathrooms should use the working toilets until a plumber can be scheduled to come out. Secondary damage caused by continuing to use a toilet that was reported as malfunctioning could be charged to the tenant.

No air-conditioning when outside temperature is over 80 degrees. No heat when outside temperature is under 50 degrees. Please note that work cannot be performed on air conditioners in rain, lightning or at night. Please check the red emergency switch if present at the home to determine if someone has shut it off. This will cause the heat/AC to cease functioning.

Try the following first BEFORE putting in a maintenance request.

If AC/Heat is not working properly please check,
  • Filters are changed monthly.
  • All Vents are clean and free of dirt, dust pet hair etc.
  • Red Emergency switch is in the on position.
  • Breakers aren't tripped. Reset the breakers by switching it off and on.

  • Check to make sure the breakers are not tripped. Reset the breakers by switching it off and on.
  • Check all GFCI outlets in the home including the garage, make sure they are not tripped. If they are please reset them by pushing the reset button on the outlet.

  • Check the breaker, even if it doesn't appear to be tripped, flick it off and on.
  • Take a broom, for example, flip it upside down, stick the handle down into the garbage disposal and stir it to loosen the blades, 6 times to the right then 6 times to the left. There may be an object causing the blades to be jammed.
  • Press the reset button at the bottom of the disposal, under the sink area.
  • *Please be aware that if we send out a vendor and there is an object in there that shouldn't be causing the jam, that service call will your responsibility to pay.

If ice/water isn't dispensing or working properly, pour 2 cups hot water into device, wait 24 hours.
If your maintenance request is an emergency, please call 757-955-4910 and also submit a maintenance request below. For non-emergency requests, please submit your work order below, and our team will address all other service calls during normal business hours.

Submit a Maintenance Request

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