How long does it take to rent my property?

We always say when we aren’t getting the calls then it’s the price and if we are getting the calls/showings and not an application then it’s a property issue. Typically, a property will rent in less than 30 days and we will always start at a top dollar when marketing your property and make adjustments as necessary.

Every month, owners are charged for the management fee as noted on the first page of the management agreement and the $25.00 admin fee.

Typically owners see the rental deposit around the 10th/11th of the month.

Once we have the management paperwork completed, we will get four keys from you to the property (all locks on one key). We will have the unit professionally cleaned (house, carpets, dryer vent, fireplace)* completed as well as the smoke detector certification. The yard will need to be cleaned prior to a tenant taking possession as well. *These are typically a one-time expense as the tenants are required to handle these at their move-out and so on.

We look for credit around 700 and income of 3x the rent.

We encourage leases to end in the Spring/Summer time and recommend longer leases with owner approval.

All owners will have online access to their monthly statements, annual statements, invoices, etc.

We will notify all owners of maintenance as it's reported, our team will assign the vendor, we will send you an invoice after completion that would be paid out of the next month's rent.

We can use your vendor if they are licensed and insured.

The Dunbar Staff is in the office Monday -Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Steven Dunbar or a team member is on call after hours/weekends for customer service/emergency maintenance.

Yes - Jackie Ellis Dunbar handles the sales side and can provide a market analysis or any other information about buying/selling.

We can give you a referral just about anywhere in the United States/World!
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Owner Insurance Requirements

Please send a copy of your Landlord policy with a minimum liability of $500,000 and RE/MAX Alliance included as Additional Insured/Interest.

Our Address: 4701 Columbus Street, #200, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.